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Cemeteries in Coconino County

    The Pioneers' Cemetery Association (PCA) has received completed forms for cemeteries listed below, although several more are believed to exist.

     Do you know of an old cemetery or gravesite in Coconino County?  If so, please register it by downloading this form, filling in as much information as you know, printing it and mailing it to the Pioneers' Cemetery Association, PO Box 63342, Phoenix, AZ 85082-3342.

     You need not answer each and every question asked on the form if you don't have that information, but please describe the cemetery's or grave's location as fully as possible (GPS coordinates are good).

     Although it is not necessary to copy down any headstone inscriptions, the PCA would appreciate receiving a photograph or two of the cemetery showing its general size and condition.

     After the PCA reviews the data on the form, the information will be forwarded to SHPO, the State Historic Preservation Office.

American Legion Cemetery
Andres Moreno Grave
C. D. Bartz Grave
Calvary Catholic Cemetery
Canyon Diablo Cemetery
Charles and Olga Brandt, and Razzle Dazzle
Church of the Red Rocks Columbarium
Citizens Cemetery
Fredonia Cemetery
Grand Canyon Pioneer Cemetery
Hermann Wolf Grave
Honeymoon Trail Gravesites
House Rock Cemetery
James Douglas Grave
John Daw Grave
John Elden Grave
Lake One Grave
Lee's Ferry Cemetery
Lonely Dell Cemetery
Lowell Observatory Mausoleum
Mars Hill Mausoleum
Mountain View Cemetery
Navajo Nation Cemetery
Old Leupp Cemetery
Page Cemetery
Parker Place Cemetery
Peaceful Valley Memorial Park
Raymond Park Cemetery
Rees B. Griffiths Grave
Saint Luke's Memorial Garden
Sedona Community Cemetery
Sedona Memorial Park
South Rim Cemetery
Tuba City Cemetery
Tuba City Community Cemetery
Williams Cemetery

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