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Cemeteries in Yuma County

        Below are the names of all cemeteries and gravesites known to exist in Yuma County, Arizona.

        Do you know of an old cemetery or gravesite in Yuma County that is not on this list?  If so, please register it by downloading this form, filling in as much information as you know, printing it and mailing it to the Pioneers' Cemetery Association, PO Box 63342, Phoenix, Arizona 85082-3342.  You may also contact the Pioneers' Cemetery Association, Inc., at

        While you need not answer each and every question asked on the form if you don't have that information, please describe the cemetery's or grave's location as fully as possible (GPS coordinates are good).  The PCA would also appreciate receiving a photograph or two of the cemetery showing its general size and condition.

        Burial lists for several of these cemeteries have already been published on the internet.  Please be aware, however, that these transcriptions may not be complete or up-to-date.

Blaisdell Cemetery
Blaisdell, Arizona

Cabeza Prieta Peak Gravesite
See: Coyote Water

Castle Dome Cemetery (private)
Off Highway 95. At milepost 55, turn off to Castle Dome Museum and ask permission to visit the cemetery.
Dateland, Arizona 85365
In use 1861-1901
20 graves, mostly miners and their family members

Castle Dome Landing Cemetery
On Martinez Lake Road north of Yuma. Turn west off Highway 95 at milepost 46.
Yuma, Arizona 85367
In use 1899-1936
Originally on an island in Martinez Lake.   Moved to current location when the Imperial Dam was constructed.
13 graves

Colorado Mine Cemetery
See: Castle Dome Cemetery

Coyote Water
East of Yuma off Camino del Diablo
Yuma, Arizona 85369
Mass grave of 8 unfortunate travelers

Desert Lawn Memorial Park
1415 South 1st Avenue
Yuma, Arizona 85364
Phone 928-782-1633
In use 1938-present
+22,000 graves

Dome Cemetery
North and east of Yuma on the site of Gila City ghost town
In use until about 1944
60 graves

Dome Valley Cemetery
15 miles northeast of Yuma, Arizona
In use 1912-1996
67 graves

East Cocopah Indian Reservation Cemetery
San Luis, Arizona 85349

Fort Yuma Cemetery
Originally on the west side of the Colorado River near Yuma
In use from 1852 to 1885
All bodies, including that of Sarah "Great Western" Bowman, were removed to the national cemetery at the Presidio in San Francisco in 1890.

Immaculate Conception Church Cemetery
See: Yuma Pioneer Cemetery, Catholic section

King of Arizona (KOFA) Mining Camp Cemetery
North of Yuma off King's Valley Road in the KOFA National Wildlife Refuge.
In use 1896 to 1905
30 graves

KOFA Cemetery
See: King of Arizona Mining Camp Cemetery

Laguna Cemetery
14 miles off US95 on Avenue 7E, north of Yuma, Arizona
In use until 1976
75 graves

Laguna Dam Cemetery
See: Laguna Cemetery

Las Playas Gravesite
Off Camino del Diablo in the Cabeza Prieta Wildlife Refuge
a single grave, date unknown

Martinez Lake Road Cemetery
See: Castle Dome Landing Cemetery

Monument Bluff Gravesite
Off Camino del Diablo in the Cabeza Prieta Wildlife Refuge
a single grave dating from 1871.

North Gila Valley Cemetery
7 miles east of Winn Store and Gila Center
In use 1913 to 1940
77 graves

O'Neill's Grave
Off Camino del Diablo at the east end of O'Neill Pass
Grave of Dave O'Neill, prospector, who died in 1915.

Redondo Ranch Cemetery
Now underwater near Hidden Shores RV Park in Yuma, Arizona.
In use during the 1870s for ranch employees

San Ysidro Ranch Cemetery
See: Redondo Ranch Cemetery

Sierra Arida Gravesites
Off Camino del Diablo in the Cabeza Prieta Wilderness

Sunset Vista Cemetery
11357 East 40th Street
Yuma, Arizona 85367
Phone 928-342-2800

Tom Hart Grave
Near the Fortuna Mine in the Goldwater Range of the Cabeza Prieta Wilderness.
Grave of outlaw Tom Hart, who died in 1901 while eluding capture.

Wellton Memorial Cemetery
Take Wellton turnoff and go south about a mile.
Wellton, Arizona 85356
In use 1983 to present
+325 graves

West Cocopah Indian Reservation Cemetery
Somerton, Arizona 85350

Yuma Catholic Cemetery
Originally at Main Street and Giss in Yuma, Arizona
In use 1869 to 1900.
All remains supposedly removed in 1901 and reburied in Yuma Pioneer Cemetery, Catholic section.

Yuma City Cemetery
See: Yuma Pioneer Cemetery

Yuma County Cemetery
See: King of Arizona Mining Camp Cemetery

Yuma Pioneer Cemetery
1350 South 1st Avenue
Yuma, Arizona 85364
In use 1895 to present
+5000 graves

Yuma Potter's Field
Originally on the bank of the Colorado River at the end of Gila Street in Yuma.
In use from the 1860s to 1891, when the entire cemetery was swept away in a flood.

Yuma Territorial Prison Cemetery
One Prison Hill Road
Yuma, Arizona 85364
In use 1882-1908, when the prison population was moved to Florence, Arizona.
104 graves of prisoners

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