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Gravestone Preservation and Memorial Marker Program

            The Pioneer & Military Memorial Park at 1400 West Jefferson in Phoenix is truly an 'outdoor museum of our heritage'.  It is the final resting place of some 3700 of Phoenix's pioneer citizens who died between 1872 and 1914.  The majority were buried with only wooden markers but, due to the extremes of our desert climate, these have not survived. 

            Today, about 600 original stone markers remain more or less intact, depending on the type of materials used, accidents,  vandalism and a hundred years of exposure to wind and rain.  Families of those buried in the cemeteries are welcome to purchase replacement markers; however, after a century that included two world wars, many of the deceased are no longer remembered...even by their own descendants. 

            Please consider making a donation for the repair or replacement of deteriorating markers.  Your contribution will be earmarked for the care and conservation of the cemetery.  Your contribution will be acknowledged by a letter from the Pioneers' Cemetery Association.  Two different programs are available:

            The Memorial Marker Program provides modest replacement markers for graves where the location is known but which have no marker, or the marker is too badly deteriorated to be repaired.   Memorial markers consist of a slab of black granite set in a concrete base, inscribed with the year of donation to indicate that it is a replacement. 

            The Gravestone Preservation Fund will be used to hire a professional conservator to assess and repair broken or deteriorating gravestones which can still be saved.   This is a very expensive process; your help is greatly needed.

         Download a 'Memorial Marker' application in PDF format.  Thank you!


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