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            The upcoming open house on Saturday, February 25th, will celebrate Phoenix's Irish  pioneers.  Learn about Irish wakes and funerals, and discover how and why the Irish came to the Salt River Valley.

            On Saturday, January 28th, an estimated thirty visitors, including several youngsters, created Victorian-style valentines during the PCA's Open House event.  The visitors also enjoyed a cemetery 'treasure hunt' during which they looked for symbols of love and devotion on headstones.  Donations from this event support the PCA's Grave Marker Preservation project.

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            The December 2016 newsletter is now on line. To view slideshows of previous events, please visit the PCA vault.

            You're invited to come downtown and tour the seven historic cemeteries that make up the Pioneer & Military Memorial Park, where many of Phoenix's founding fathers (and mothers) are buried.  See Smurthwaite House's new Victorian- and Edwardian-era furnishings and decorations, thanks to the tireless work of interior decorator and PCA member Judy Smith and her assistants.

           In keeping with its status as a small museum,  Smurthwaite House and the historic cemeteries at 1317 West Jefferson is open to visitors on Thursdays and for other events throughout the year.   Arrangements for private tours can also be made.  Please email the PCA well in advance of your visit to find out when our volunteer staff will be on the grounds.

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